The Garden City Mākete Stall Categories

Crafts: Handmade ceramics, pottery, woodwork, textiles, candles, soap, and other artisanal crafts.

Jewellery: Handcrafted jewellery made from various materials such as precious metals, gemstones, beads, and unique designs

Fashion: Locally designed clothing, accessories, and fashion items such as hats, scarves, bags, and wearable art.

Art: Original paintings, drawings, prints, and art pieces in various styles including abstract, landscapes, portraits, and mixed media.

Home Decor: Handmade home décor items like wall hangings, sculptures, furniture, decorative pillows, and unique household items.

Food and Beverages: Artisanal food products such as gourmet chocolates, jams, sauces, baked goods, specialty teas, coffee, local wines & hot foods.

Beauty and Skincare: Handmade beauty and skincare products including organic soaps, lotions, natural cosmetics, and wellness items.

Plants and Gardening: Potted plants, flowers, succulents, and gardening accessories like planters, terrariums, and botanical-themed items.

Vintage and Antiques: Vintage clothing, accessories, antique furniture, collectibles, and unique vintage finds.

Wellness and Holistic Products: Natural health products, herbal remedies, essential oils, aromatherapy, crystals, and holistic wellness items.

Children’s Items: Handcrafted toys, clothing, nursery décor, and unique items for children.

Pet Accessories: Handmade pet accessories like collars, leashes, pet clothing, toys, and natural pet care products.

Other: Please let us know what category you define your product under.