Terms & Conditions



If a stallholder wishes to cancel their stall, they must have a cancellation written in email to hello@gardencitymakete.co.nz. Cancellations less than a month & a half before the market date will result in a loss of 100% of the stall cost. However, if it is prior to this, The Garden City Mākete team will try to fill the gap and will give the stallholder a refund minus a $5 administration fee.

If this event happens to be cancelled because of a COVID-19 lockdown, a natural disaster, or events outside of our control, a full refund will be provided.


Stallholders are responsible for their stall and valuables. The Garden City Mākete team are available to help where possible, and they will have volunteer security on site, but ultimately the stall and associated possessions is the stallholder’s responsibility.

Food stalls must have a current Notice of Registration. If you need to find out more about this please read more on the Christchurch City Council website.
Food poisoning/allergies: The food you sell at a market must comply with New Zealand Food Safety Act. From rules on cleanliness to labelling, the act makes sure that the food you supply is safe and suitable for consumption. Yet, no matter how much you label your food, accidents can happen, especially at a market, so it is recommended you also have a public liability insurance policy.


The stallholders’ stall must be open for the entire duration of the market. If a stallholder sells out of product, their stall must be left set up until the end of the market. All stallholders must be set up and ready to trade 15 minutes before the commencement of the Market at the latest.


All displays/tables/gazebos & chairs are the responsibility of the stallholder. It is the stallholder’s responsibility to make sure their table displays & gazebos are secure to prevent any health and safety risks. The Garden City Mākete team will provide volunteer helpers on
the day who can assist in carrying your equipment from the car. For powered stalls, any electrical equipment must be approved by Leah and must have a current electrical safety tag (mitre 10 offers this service).


  • Stallholders to be aware of all the health and safety procedures, exits and to attend a compulsory health and safety meeting 15 mins before the Market commends.
  • The Garden City Mākete team will be doing checks before and throughout the market to ensure your display is strictly safe and contains no harmful objects for children or adults.
  • Please make sure you are not blocking any exits.
  • Please report to Leah from the The Garden City Mākete team if there are any incidents or accidents. She will be wearing a Hi-Vis vest on the day.
  • A first aider and first aid kit will be available on site for the duration of the event.


  • If a stallholder becomes sick with COVID-19 or is a close contact of someone who is, and is unable to attend the market, please let Leah know as soon as possible.


The Garden City Mākete team has the right to remove a stallholder from the premises if they do not comply with the terms in conditions, or behave in a manner that breaches the market code of conduct.


  • Stallholders agree to respect one another and each other’s belongings including the beautiful Venue.
  • Customers, Stallholders, and the Garden City Mākete team are all to show respect and kindness to each other.
  • Stallholders agree to comply with the instructions of the Garden City Mākete team to make sure this event is run smoothly.
  • Stallholders agree to make sure the venue is left in the same condition in which it was before the stall was set up.
  • Stallholders are to be considerate to other businesses nearby.
  • To not be violent or conduct themselves in an abusive, racist, or sexist manner.
  • Respect the staff of the venue and surrounding businesses.
  • Stallholders agree to not leave behind any rubbish and take all with them. Leaving the venue looking the same before they started setting up.


  • Powered food stalls, please let the Garden City Mākete team know what electrical equipment you have and make sure it has current safety tags prior to the market.
  • Please don’t discard any rubbish onsite, everything must be taken with you once you leave.
  • We accept no liability for any sales or lack of sales the stallholder makes. Please ensure you are offering a quality product to the customer, as well as being friendly, approachable and presenting your goods nicely

By submitting your stall application, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. If you would like to discuss or dispute any of these terms & conditions, please email hello@gardencitymakete.co.nz.